Recipes from India

India lies between Pakistan, China, and Nepal. Its countryside is as diverse as it is beautiful. In the north, India is bordered by the world’s highest mountain chain. From there you will see that most of the northern part of India is compiled of picturesque foothill valleys. The southern part of India has magnificent plateaus, tropical rain forests and sandy deserts with palm treed bordered beaches. There are 26 states that complete the country of India all with their all culture and even religion.

Religion is the strong bone of the many cultures and villages of India, but, is also as diverse as its terrain. Many of the villages are adorned with an array of temples and the craftsmanship of the local residence. The various cultures of each region may be centuries old whereas in larger communities will witness modern technology.

India is magical from the mountains, to the rivers, to the beaches, to the jungles. Because of the diverse terrain and cultures throughout India their agriculture is strong with many farmers producing such commodities as rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, potatoes; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats, poultry, and fish. In the larger cities several factories produce items such as textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, and software.

When it comes to Indian cuisine you will have to remember that Indian foods are known for their unique taste which comes from spices known to the region. Some of the most popular spices used in Indian dishes are kali elaichi, or Black Caradamon, kalonji or Nigella seeds, and heeng or Asa fetida. There are many more unique spices that will keep your taste buds guessing while tantalizing your palate with flavor.

You will be able to try some of the Indian cuisine as you check out the several recipes we have available. You are sure to enjoy preparing the meals as much as your guests will enjoy the new and exciting flavor.

Aloo Rasdar is a wonderful vegetable type soup that uses such spices as turmeric powder, cayenne pepper powder, garam masala powder, garlic, cilantro, assorted herbs, and lemon concentrate. With this recipe you are sure to liven up any dull vegetable soup you have made in the past with these authentic spices of India.

Another great recipe you will absolutely love is Andhra Hot Coconut Rice which uniquely blends the flavors of coconut, peanuts, and cashews with some hot and spicy peppers for your taste buds to relish.

No matter, which Indian recipe you decide to try you will enjoy the diverse flavor of spices and aromas that are sure to please.